Megan Fox Sunglasses

And just when you thought Megan Fox couldn't get anymore stunning, she steps in an amazing pair of over sized aviator sunglasses by Ray-Ban.

This is one of the single most popular styles in hollywood at the moment, however new styles of sunglasses are issued all the time, so next week these sunglasses might be all news.

Send me pictures of Megan Fox wearing other sunglasses.


Megan Fox Tattoos

As you may know, Megan Fox is covered in tattoos, so lets give you a quick rundown of her tattoo designs.

She has the poem "There once was a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her heart" tattooed on her ribs.

She has the poem "We will all laugh at the gilded butterflies" tattooed on her back right shoulder blade.

A tattoo portrait of Marilyn Monroe on her inner forearm, plus a crescent moon, the name "Brian" on her lower abdomen.

Her most recent tattoo design is a yin yang symbol located on her wrist.


Megan Fox Acne

I gotta admit, i was a little shocked when i first saw this picture of Megan Fox sporting some unsightly pimples.

I guess it just goes to show, even the most stunningly beautiful people can suffer from the occasional acne breakout.

Megan Fox Shoe Size

A lot of people have been asking about Megan Fox's beautiful feet and what size are her shoes.

So i found the answer for everyone.

Megan Fox has size 7 shoes.

A perfect shoe size for a perfect women. Love ya Megan!


Megan Fox Desktop Wallpapers

Stunningly pretty desktop wallpapers of celeb actress and model Megan Fox.

I really love the close up pics of her.